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Camera Side Chats 8 – Goodbye

Hello everyone! Sorry for the long delay, but here it is, the season finale of Camera Side Chats. This was recorded some time ago, before we were graduated and we were still naive. For our final show, we decided to have our housemates on for one last go. You know them, you love them, it’s Read More

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Camera Side Chats 7 – Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Hello once again. Bill and Rob are here to give you the latest news, the scoop on the newest movie trailers and to review one hot movie. This week we are reviewing Captain America: The Winter Soldier with the help of return guest, Isabella Fontanez. We hope you enjoy! Read More

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Camera Side Chats 6 – Inside Llewyn Davis

Hello everyone! We are sorry we have been away for so long! We are back with another awesome episode of CSC. This episode our special guest, Anne Ritz, is here to talk about some promising trailers, some off the wall news and she even helps us review Inside Llewyn Davis. The chat gets interesting, even Read More

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Camera Side Chats 5 – Oldboy

Hello fellow movie fans. Welcome back to another exciting episode. Today we have South Korean guest Minseon Ko to talk to us about, you guessed it, news and trailers. He also helps us review the new Oldboy remake. Enjoy! Read More

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Camera Side Chats 4 – Blue is the Warmest Color

Hello friends, we are back once again to give you the latest news, trailers, and a movie review. Today we talk about some crazy news, the most anticipated movie trailers, and we review Blue is the Warmest color with special guest Isabella Fontanez. We also go over the details of our annual Oscar bet. ENJOY! Read More

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Camera Side Chats 3 – Nebraska

Welcome back! We have another fantastic, and kind of sad, show for you. We have AJ Ryan back to talk about all the important news, trailers, and to help us review the fantastic film Nebraska. We like to think we are funny but we will let you be the judge. Enjoy! Read More

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Camera Side Chats 2 – Out of the Furnace

And we are back once again for another exhilarating show. Bill and Rob are covering some very weird stories in the news, the new trailers that are hit and miss, and a review of Out of the Furnace. All of this with a brand new guest, resident psychologist, Keegan Johnston. Check it out! Read More

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